3 Tips from a Locksmith on Home Security

Home security is becoming an ever more popular topic these days, a topic that simply can’t be overlooked.  While there are lots of resources for building and maintaining a secure home, we wanted to look at it from a completely different view, the view of a locksmith.  Why a locksmith?  Well locksmiths are experts in locks!

Who did we talk to?

We decided it would be more beneficial to talk to two different locksmiths, so we chose someone new to the field who had recently become a locksmith and a veteran who has been a locksmith for over twenty years.  This way you not only get tips and tricks about traditional security, but modern security as well.

3 Tips from a Locksmith on Home Security

Inspect Entrances and Exists When Buying a New Home.  One of the largest purchases anyone will ever make is their home, and more often than not the area they overlook the most is home security.  It all starts here.  When you’re on the market to purchase a home one of the easiest ways to ensure the safety of yourself and your family is to thoroughly inspect the entrances and exits of the prospective house.  Many times it is as simple as ensuring latches work properly on windows, hinges still function well on doors, and ensuring interior doors are lockable.  So next time you’re out looking at a new home, make sure to take security into consideration when making an offer.

Bonus Tip: When moving into a new house, ALL the locks and tumblers need to be replaced immediately. When I moved to house I had to find a locksmith in the Solihull area to do this for me but it wasn’t too expensive.

Use Your Safe.  This tip is almost laughable, but nonetheless both locksmiths we talked to reinforced the fact that most people don’t actually use the safe they spent hundreds of dollars on to secure their valuables.  Really it doesn’t get any simpler than that.  Make a list of valuables over $500 (or whatever threshold you choose) and place them in your safe if you’re not using them on a day to day basis.

Don’t Leave Any Entrance Unlit.  One of the locksmiths we talked to was a forensics locksmith that specialized in determining how criminals were able to break into a home or building.  At the top of his list was unlit entrances.  While he noted that using low quality locks (i.e. spring latch locks) also attributed, most times the locks that were broken into were in low traffic, low lit areas of the building.

Is Your Home Secure?

Safety should be number one.  And as you can see above it only takes a few minutes to ensure that your home is as secure as it can be.  Make sure you take a few minutes and check off the tips above.  You’ll be thanking us in the future.  And remember, better safe than sorry!