Door Alarms For Apartments Add An Extra Layer Of Security

Door alarms for apartments are the main method of apartment security. This is because, unlike in the case of suburban homes and other types of home dwellings, apartments often have only one main point of entry: the front door.

Other points of entry are often, but not always, difficult or impossible to reach. This is why the vast majority of apartment break-ins are committed via front door entry. In turn, that is why having an apartment door alarm is so critical if you wish to deter thieves from entering your home.

Door alarms for apartments are relatively simple devices, and thus are relatively inexpensive ways to protect the contents of your home. Furthermore, any decent insurance company will offer you a heavily reduced premium if you have a door alarm installed, and this can, in many cases, completely offset the cost of buying and installing the apartment alarm system.

Door alarms work by detecting when your door is opened. If the alarm is armed at the time of the door being opened, the alarm system will let out a loud and attention-getting sound. Most burglars are immediately deterred by this sound, as they know that if they hang around, they will soon be caught and arrested.

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The alarm sound usually does not turn on immediately. This gives you time to deactivate the alarm once you open the door yourself. Generally you will have about 10 seconds to deactivate the alarm, but most systems allow you to adjust this time delay to suit your situation. Be wary of setting the delay to be too long, though. Sometimes 30 seconds is all it takes for a burglar to enter your home, locate your valuables, and leave.

Home alarms for apartments are usually activated and deactivated by entering a special number into the central unit for the device. Do not write this number down in an obvious place, especially not next to the alarm unit itself. If you do so, a burglar can easily enter the number themselves when they break in. Try to use a number that you will remember easily. If you forget the number, then you will not be able to deactivate the alarm before the siren goes off, and you will have to deal with the embarrassing aftermath of apparently breaking into your own home.

If you can afford it, buy an apartment door alarm that sends a signal to the police in the event of a break in. This will mean that they will get to your apartment as soon as possible, even if you are not home to notify them of what is happening.