Home Alarm Monitoring Has Come a Long Way in the Last Ten Years

Home alarm systems have come a long way in the last several years.  Even the most basic system is much “smarter” than anything out ten years ago is.  The technology that goes into home security has advanced to the point of sci-fi movie script.  The most sophisticated home alarm monitoring software today can actually recognize not only voice but also general background noise and can tell the difference between a person who drops a plate and a window breaking.  Other systems have advanced to the point of being…

  • Completely programmable to turn itself on and off and recognize patterns in your family’s daily routine
  • Designed tamper resistant so no one but you can set the system or disengage the safety protocols
  • Equipped with voice recognition technology and can respond to simple and complex commands

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System Self Preservation

You do not have to be a nerd or a geek to appreciate how advanced home alarm monitoring systems have become.  Today’s alarm monitoring service technology can send a signal if the cover is taken off the wall mounted unit in your home and can even send a wireless signal if the phone service is suddenly cut or disengaged.  This kind of tamper proof home alarm monitoring makes your home safer than ever before.

Seeing and Knowing All

Another feature that many security companies have added to their home alarm monitoring service is the ability for the homeowner to view live images off the security cameras in their home from anywhere they have computer access.  Imagine being able to keep an eye on your home and property from three thousand miles away.  They can also receive alerts if any of the home alarm monitoring systems has been engaged.

Voice and Audio Technology Rocks

Perhaps the most needed technology is in the voice and audio technology that has been introduced.  If the homeowner or family member has a medical emergency and cannot reach the telephone, the home alarm monitoring services on the market today can recognize and respond to voice commands, make phone calls, or send wireless messages to emergency services for the injured person.  It can also call the security company and transmit their voice live so that they can speak to the injured person and find out exactly what is needed in any given situation.

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