Save Resources With A Motion Activated Security Camera

In using a motion activated security camera, the main benefit has to do with saving resources:

Disk Space

The majority of security cameras record in a passive manner: even when nothing is going on in the space that is being monitored, they continue to record footage. What this means is that in the resulting footage, you will mostly be seeing static recordings. Watching the footage will be like staring at a photograph, as the security camera records even when nothing is really happening. This is why with motion activated security cameras, as much as 90% of disk space can be saved, because these cameras only begin recording when they detect motion. Because of this, clearly, a motion activated security camera system is much more efficient than any other system that just keeps recording. At the same time, with an active recording system wherein motion is first detected before recording begins, you will not need to exert a lot of effort in finding a specific occurrence in footage that are hours and hours long, with nothing much going on. Otherwise, this could be like finding a needle in a haystack, and you will need to know the exact time and date when the event happened, to find this recording.


Security systems that are wireless mostly run on batteries. And because motion detection will be limited and the motion activated camera will only begin to record when there is motion in the area it is monitoring, this means battery life is a lot longer. This also means that you will not need to replace batteries as often. This is simply efficiency in terms of energy use, and others may even call this environmentally friendly.


Saving disk space and energy pretty much translates to requiring less disk space and having to replace batteries less. This means saving money in the long run.

A motion activated camera can be very useful for a wide array of settings and purposes. These devices can be very useful at home, or in a business setting. These cameras are mostly used to keep an eye on things, or for catching a criminal in the act. Or maybe your reason is just for security: perhaps you just want to ensure that the babysitter does not go into the room where you keep your jewelry or your wall safe, or perhaps there’s a small animal that keeps eating your vegetables in your garden, or maybe there is a high incidence of vandalism in your area, and you want to make sure that your property is not vandalized – or at least that you will be able to catch the vandal, in the event that this person vandalizes your property. Try to figure out where or how a motion activated camera may be of help to you.