Different Types Of Security Bars For Windows

The crime rate in certain places just seems to keep getting worse and worse. This is why security is the top priority of the wise, especially those who believe that crime can happen to anyone – including themselves, and not just to strangers. The majority of burglaries take place when a burglar breaks into a home through an entry point, such as a door or a window. While most of us believe that burglars are most likely to break into a home through a door, this is not always the case. Tough locks are created for doors, and yet a lot of windows, clearly, are simply made out of wood and breakable glass. The good news is that there are security bars for windows, and these serve to make it difficult for burglars to just break your window and enter your home.

Window Bars Security Is Not A New Concept

security bars for windows

Security bars for windows don’t need to be ugly

What are security window bars? These bars over house windows are otherwise recognized as security grids, these are placed right over a window on the outer portion, and this stops a criminal from breaking into a home or building by way of the window. Security bars are ideal for neighborhoods where the crime rate is high, installed on the windows of a home’s first level. Some individuals also install these exterior security bars outside the window of their bedroom and basement, while others just use them all throughout their home. Get burglar bars for windows installed if you wish to enhance the security level of your home. These outdoor security bars are affordable, and may be purchased from both local and online shops. Likewise, the option to obtain a DIY kit is possible, allowing you to save money by installing everything without the aid of a professional. There is one concern of many with security bars; apartment windows and home windows will end up resembling a prison after getting the bars installed. This need not be the case, because these residential window security bars are available in an array of designs and colors. This also gives homeowners the option to find security bars on windows that agree with the exterior of their home.

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Below are 3 types of security bars for residential windows:

Permanent Security Bars

These are a great option for windows of garages and the front portion of stores like convenience stores that are open 24 hours a day. As the name implies, these security bars cannot be taken out: they are fixed in place. For this reason, windows with permanent bars installed cannot be used as exits, in the event of an emergency situation like a fire outbreak, or intrusion.  These are the perfect type of security bars for apartment windows.

Swing away Window Security Bars

While not permanent, these bars may be kept secure with the help of a padlock. Because they swing away and open, they can be used in the event of an emergency and are easy to maintain and clean. These break in window bars are not as secure as a permanent solution but still do a great job.

Detachable Security Window Bars

These are best for temporary use, ideal for individuals that leave their home and stay elsewhere for long periods. They can be detached and taken out when they are no longer needed. These are probably the most affordable security bars for outside windows.