Smart Guide to Fake Security Cameras

When a home or business owner cannot afford the sky-high expenses of installing a full video surveillance system, the next best thing can be fake security cameras. Most criminals are instantly deterred by the sight of cameras, and an illusion is close to the next best thing.

Picking The Right Design

A little research is in order. It would be quite embarrassing to install an indoor model of camera on the outside of your home – potential intruders know the difference even if the sales rep did not. Certain types of camera work both indoors and out, while others can be adapted with simple waterproofing.

Box cameras are noticeable and can work outdoors with a weatherproof “jacket”. Dome cameras are great for indoors or out, but may not be as obvious. Many other types of real security cameras are often housed in similar domes for outdoor use. Large bullet cameras are great for the outdoors because they often have built-in infrared capabilities, and the false models come with flashing red lights both to draw attention and to simulate the real thing.

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Keeping Up Appearances

The only thing that makes a false security camera worth the investment is the attention to realistic detail. If the burglars won’t buy it, then you shouldn’t either. Pay careful attention to small details: are the power cords appropriate for the device? Is the flashing red light really appropriate for that model? Is it installed on a convincing heavy-duty mount? Criminals will be evaluating all of these details and more – so brush up on current models of real cameras to get a taste of what the fakes should look like.

You won’t have the luxury of filming any intruders, but the damage would have been done anyways – video or not. Fake security cameras are a smart preventative measure, but they definitely aren’t a cure.