Three Compelling Reasons Why You Should Buy a Security System for Your Apartment

If you’ve been following the news recently, then you are probably aware that in recent years, burglaries and robberies seem to be on the rise. Unfortunately, a majority of the increase in break-ins seem to be happening in apartment buildings and apartment complexes. If you live in an apartment, however, not all hope is lost. Security systems are typically very affordable for apartments.

Apartments typically have fewer doors and windows than homes

One of the benefits of protecting an apartment with a security system rather than a home is that there aren’t as many entry points into an apartment when compared to a home. Due to the fact that most apartments share walls with two other units, the number of entry points that need security equipment is significantly reduced.

Fewer entry points to an apartment translates into big savings when purchasing security equipment. With only two doors and a few windows to cover, there are many security companies that will even give you all of the equipment for free. The stipulation is you are typically required to sign a 2 – 5 year monitoring agreement with the security company. If you’re not planning on going anywhere, this may be a viable option.

Discounts are available for your renters insurance

People who live in apartment buildings can’t get regular home owners insurance, but they can get renters insurance. The standardized renter’s insurance policy that is most common throughout North America is called the HO4 insurance policy.

Although it varies from company-to-company, most insurance companies will give you a hefty discount if you have an active alarm system. Insurance companies have found that the most common claim that is filed by people with renters insurance is the theft claim. Evidence has shown that apartments with active alarm systems are far less-likely to get anything stolen.

Competition is high in the industry

Another reason why a security system for your apartment might be cheaper than you think is due to the competition. Over the past few years, people have started to notice the large profits that many of the brand-name home security companies were making. This inspired many different types of people to jump into the industry and start trying to sell security systems.

The industry has even come to a point where many companies send out sales crews to go door-to-door offering home security systems and apartment security systems to anyone who is interested. Although the door-knocking may be annoying to some, increased competition tends to dramatically reduce prices of equipment and monitoring services.

As more and more companies enter the market, there is a high likelihood that costs for equipment and monitoring will continue to go lower and lower, which makes buying a security system for your apartment even more compelling.