Uses For A Wireless Door Alarm

We all enter our homes through doors, but what many of us fail to realize is that doors are not only entry points for us, our visitors, the UPS guy, the plumber and the pizza guy – they are also entry points for crooks. This is why windows and doors are particularly vulnerable. It is good to know that there are devices like a wireless door alarm to keep our doors safe from crooks.

Because a wireless door alarm system has proven to be very reliable for ensuring security, more and more homeowners and apartment tenants are installing them on their doors. Likewise, a wireless door entry alarm is now used in small scale businesses like care giving centers, and even warehouses.


In condos, homes and apartments, individuals install a wireless door alarm sensor not only directly on their doors. Wireless alarms are installed onto windows, walkways, as well as driveways. If you wish to find out who is coming to your home, install a motion sensor alarm so you are alerted each time someone approaches your residence. Any other situation wherein you may want to know when someone is somewhere in your property, install a wireless motion sensor alarm in this space.


In a business setting, a door alarm can be used for if you wish to be notified whenever someone is at the door. Perhaps you need to do something in the back but want to be notified every time there is a customer. You can use a wireless door alarm for this purpose. This is mostly installed right above doorways, or a side of the door. The alarm may not continue to beep for many minutes, but you will be alerted when someone is approaching your business.

Care Giving

In placing a wireless door alarm in the room of an elderly patient, or a child, you will be alerted if this person leaves the room or space where they had been asked to stay.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are vulnerable to vandalism, theft and other problems that can come up when “no one is looking”. This can be changed by installing a wireless alarm in these spaces. You can install a wireless alarm in your garden or backyard, and activate it whenever you go to sleep. This way, you will be alerted if anyone breaks into your property through your garden or backyard.


Likewise, in a warehouse, all a delivery person or courier needs to do is press the button or alarm, and you will be notified when someone needs your attention or services, or perhaps the delivery person needs you to sign for a package. Plenty of business owners can attest to how useful wireless door alarms have been in the inventories of warehouses.